Saturday, May 19, 2012

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I want you- naked in the morning light, skin soft under my fingers as I stroke your body and watch you sleep.

I want your arms wrapped around me, eyes wet with emotion, heart awash with love.

I want you there, by my side as I laugh and cry and rage, as our happiness carries us long in to the night, as our skin grows pale and thin, as our fingers search for one another in the darkness, as the sunlight sits warm on our faces.

I want you to kiss my forehead when I am ill, to laugh and run and play with me when we are well.

I want to cry in to your chest, weep softly as you pat me and reassure my worried heart.

I want passion- of a love unerring and a body insatiable.

And in return? 

I give you my heart, devoted and true. 

All the love you could ever hope for. 


The stars in the sky, the earth beneath our feet. 

Anything; all of it. 

And me.

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