Friday, December 16, 2011


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That you may say you are there for me, that you'll hurt anyone that hurts me, and other similar claims of protection and loyalty, means so very little to me now.

I believed you for a moment, that you really were genuinely interested in my own emotional well being and happiness...until I realised that you were drinking and laughing with the person that hurt me, left me vulnerable, broken and raw. Took what I had to give and gave... nothing... in return.

And this was when I realised your words were hollow; straw monuments built up to fill yourself and anyone within earshot with your self-importance and devotion, and blown over at the first hint of a breath of a challenge.


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Talk of loyalty and allegiance is just that; talk.

Our real dedication is evidenced not in what or who we tell people we are - hiding behind our bravado and grandiose claims - but in what we do, and whether or not we are there for those that we hold dear.

Especially in their hour of need.