Saturday, September 4, 2010

what NOT to crochet...

from this blog
Apparently if you add some tassles or a fringe edging it makes a great gift!

Alternately, you could just wear a regular scarf, or ... a jumper. Even.

A defininte candidate for the Col Dunkley award for innovations that really are a bit...odd.

Friday, September 3, 2010

speaking of unicorns...

Life's getting me down. Tough decisions are becoming even harder, what with my appalling indecisiveness. So I ask myself, WWUD?

And the spinny thing. For all you decision making needs. What WOULD a unicorn do?

I really am the most horrendously negligent blogger...

But I have the strange feeling that this has little impact on the rest of the world. What with all that other stuff going on and all... yeah.
So the latest excuse for my negligence?
Meh. Uni. Meh. Crochet. Meh. Rugby. Meh. Life.

As you can see, dear reader (all... I don't know, one of you - hi mum) there is a reoccurring theme here... of complete indifference. Not that I am indifferent to things in general- or completely as it were- but rather, I've had other stuff to do.
Such as another freaking degree, crocheting lots of natty little things, and being a ferry for my family to and from various sporting events that I don't have the time to commit to actually participating in myself (that's some faulty logic there).
And in between all of that, sitting down to wax lyrical about the nothing that's happening in my life is kinda unimportant.

So I've been crocheting instead. Borne from the need to do *something* for my grandmother (who recently underwent palliative chemotherapy for oesophageal cancer) I started crocheting beanies and blanket squares, in an effort to keep my fingers busy and my anxiety at my helplessness somewhat at bay.
My cousin and aunt and I contributed a total of 94 squares to make a blanket with a little block of yarny goodness representing each member of our massively huge family. It's hideous, but beautiful as well. And my cousin even used the square that I sent up that bears a very strong resemblance to unicorn vomit.

from this awesome blog

Like this. Only with more orange.

Probably from the carrots you ate for breakfast.