Monday, May 30, 2011

from your thoughts your
I wonder about the idea of a vast ocean as an analogy for our lives. The vista is endless;  the promise of a great expanse of waves and water crashing about us is at once intimidating and comforting.

Why do we prefer the unknown to the known? 

I am aware that this does not apply for all people; many are perfectly content pursuing a daily sameness - but for those that don't... why?

And, because I am ultimately incredibly self-absorbed, where do I fit on this spectrum?

If I say I prefer simplicity and an uncomplicated life, love and happiness, but am forever living in a world that is complicated, sometimes over-dramatised and, at times, really fucking challenging... so what does this make me?

And dare I feel  a simulacrum of hope for a life less overwhelmingly complex? Or is this part of the wash-rinse-repeat cycle of yearning for what is not?