Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From a place you'd rather be...

23102010074 by kateykateykatey
23102010074 a photo by kateykateykatey on Flickr.
I don't have much constructive to say today. Coincidentally, I haven't done much that has been terribly constructive, either!

Useful things I have done today include:

*coming in to my office
*turning my computer on
*pretending to work
*getting a spiral bound book from the stationary cupboard
*writing 'Katey's PhD Diary' on the front
*pretending to work by writing shit in PhD diary.

Obviously the latter point was not intended to be taken literally, because if I just wrote the word 'shit' over and over again, it would be quite obvious I wasn't doing anything. And that would make all of that important pretending and busy-looking a great big fat waste!

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  1. gorgeous photo! Also, pretending to work is the inalienable right of all people who do stuff in offices. Otherwise they'd get nothing but actual work done, and many people would be out of a job once the workload isn't portioned out enough.