Tuesday, February 8, 2011

half naked Iggy Pop, child modelling and...um...social work...wait, what?

Wait, what?!
Oh, that's right. Facebook.

This photograph was taken by my extraordinarily talented friend Rodney. Who is also a Doctor. I call him The Doctor. Other occupations include, fastest man of 1 metre, purveyor of fine snow globes, wearer of slacks, gadabout.

At any rate, Rodney's many fine and varied talents are not the point of this blog post (an entire blog would be necessary) rather, Facebook...again. Bored PhD student, remember?

So like, sponsored ads + photographs of Iggy Pop = hilarity is sure to ensue.

Ad for a child modelling agency, ad for beer...  pictures of Iggy Pop.



I guess that's the point of the ad with the tag line, "thinking social work" ... why YES. I was. I WAS thinking social work Facebook. Good call.

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