Tuesday, December 28, 2010

costume parties and circus themes

image via ffffound

We have a costume party on NYE to go to. This is a regular event; we've been going to a particular group of friends' NYE costume parties for a few years running and it's generally whole lot of fun.
However, this year the theme is circus, or big top, or something along those lines, and I am struggling for costume ideas. Seriously. Struggling.

Well, struggling is perhaps an exaggeration - it's just that all of the ideas I've had so far are kinda lame. Like, really, the whole 'sexy ringmaster' thing (one of my most frequent google hits) is kinda passe. I mean, fine if you're like, a playboy bunny (I guess?!?) but I'm not, and more to the point, an awesome costume >>>> revealing inappropriate amounts of flesh.


At any rate, I think some serious op shopping is in order.

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