Friday, October 29, 2010

While I'm not the most negligent of parents

I certainly fit the criteria or a negligent blogger. But, you know, meh. I'm sure that the none of you reading this really actually care that I missed the most recent update of "fucked up things katey found on the internet recently"... I hope. Note that if you are genuinely disappointed, I strongly recommend you go get a life. STAT. But then, I suspect we're well beyond that if you're sitting up reading my blog at 3am on a Saturday evening. Yeah. You cool dude, you.


I am in the deep, dark, murky depths of trying to finish my thesis. Or as I like to call it, my FUCKING thesis. It's ok, it's just...bloody long, and a shitload of work. And thus, I am killing time writing irrelevant blog posts.


from from Ask a urinal
And it's true. Misplaced apostrophes make the baby jesus cry.

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