Thursday, February 25, 2010

the printed word...

so at this point it might be appropriate to admit that while I happily subscribe to ideas and notions I see on the interwebs, such as 'I pledge to read the printed word' the fact is, as a perpetual student I frequently struggle to find time to read simply for pleasure. Well, this isn't entirely correct - as far as 'pleasure' is concerned, I enjoy study, and read beyond my field of inquiry (at that particular point in time) because I enjoy it. It's not exactly reading novels, though, and this is something I absolutely miss.
Having said that, I doubt that I could (without guilt) commit to a novel at this point in time. My leisure time is preoccupied with reading for my thesis, cryptic crosswords and sudoku.
And I like cryptic crosswords and sudoku too much to give it up.

Also, blogger no longer has spellcheck. Well, not an obvious one. This annoys me.

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