Saturday, August 1, 2009

Episode IV: a new blog


After much deliberation I have deleted my old blog account. The reasons for this were numerous; I was not able to merge the old blog with my current google account (and logging out and in with different user names really doesn't suit my incredibly lazy style) but also, and quite fundamentally, I felt it was important to close the door on that particular episode of my life. Certainly an episode best left behind a closed door, or at least not some readily accessible point (metaphorically speaking, of course).

So then, here I am. Older, and with any luck, wiser. Or even wizened, as the case may be.

That being said, I was feeling somewhat stumped for a topic to blog on. Or rather, a topic to blog passionately and extensively on. Many spring to mind, however: the inexplicable non-acceptance of moves towards a more socialised model of health care amongst Americans (specifically, residents of the USA), and following on from that, the lack of acceptance of scientific evidence from otherwise educated and informed people on issues such as evolution/creationism, and the "vaccination debate"... issues that present as complete no-brainers to me, and, ironically, I suppose no-brainers to others, but I mean this in a much more vindictive manner (there! I said it! People that believe these ridiculous ideas ARE stupid! You must be to abandon all sense of reason and logic - "hey, if we ignore all the facts and evidence, those funny looking kids were right!" etc).


Apart from this... I taught my daughters how to play uno this evening. They took to the game with gusto, and... beat me. G played her cards close to her chest (figuratively and literally) and Y sought advice for the first couple of games, then went on to deal me several vicious plays in the subsequent game. Funny little things -clearly too clever for their own good! I shall have to perpetuate some kind of facade that I have been deliberately losing in order to maintain my god-like parental status (look! I made a people!), a status on which my grasp has become increasingly tenuous as the girls get older.

And so, here it is. My new blog. I wanted to retain the name of my old blog, simply because I like it, but blogger would not allow me to do so. So I figure I can retain the title, if nothing else. While it is a tad more egocentric than I would like, it also I suppose accurately captures the necessarily egocentricity of a blog of this nature. But... just to satisfy my own vanity, I am going to squint at the word egocentricity so that the letters blur and it reads more like eccentricity. Because carefree eccentricity has such lovely, serene appeal to it.

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